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The Art of capturing Art

Recording Excellence

My approach to recording is a multi-level one:​

  1. the recording space

  2. the instrument(s) being recorded

  3. the artist(s) being recorded

  4. the producer in charge of the session

  5. the tools I have at disposal (the recording  chain)

I learned to take maximum care of all of these aspects layering one onto another.

To achieve what I like to call "Recording Excellence"​, the best result possible based on the conditions set above,  I rely mainly on one thing: LISTENING.

I cannot record properly without first listening to the space, the instruments, the artists, the producer and having listened (and learned well) the sound imparted by the recording tools.

This given, I like recording with minimal paths to reduce risks of failures and of impacting the quality of the recordings. For the same reasons I usually give myself some extra chances capturing one or more extra sources (microphones). This approach saved my butt more than once, especially with larger recording sessions (bands, orchestras, choirs) when "shit happens" quite often unfortunately, especially nowadays with the restriction of budgets and production times.

I like working with a fast pace, trying not to impact the flow of ideas of my clients. And, above all, I just love recording.

I can travel anywhere in the world to help you shape your music or arrange sessions locally (northern Italy).

I currently collaborate mainly with these 3 Studios:

RIVERPLANT MUSIC STUDIOS: a fully digital venue located in a beautiful restored plant in Monza (12 km north of Milano).

THE SHELTER RECORDING STUDIO: a great venue north of Milano (20 km) with a beautiful sounding live room and a well calibrated control room.

SOTTO IL MARE RECORDING STUDIOS: next to Verona airport, in north-easter Italy, this studio is a perfectly maintained analog + digital reality with a gorgeous live room.

All of my recording gear is at disposal for recording anywhere in the world.

I DO NOT require that if I record something I will have to mix it. I am totally happy with being the recording engineer in your project and have you or others mix it.

This also means that interfacing with the mixing engineer before the sessions would be of great help.



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