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Turning music into MUSIC

Mixing Recipe

Well, my recipe, is that there is no recipe.

There are tricks, sure, and paths, best practices and sound-prints (the sound relative of a fingerprint), but to give justice to your music you need it to sound great and unique, not just like something else.

  • I can't help but making a mix groove, my first releases as a mixer where EDM dance music so maybe this is the reason.

  • I can't help but achieving a solid foundation for your music: nowadays, the low end rules, regardless of the relative level it might have in a mix.

  • I can't help but focusing on the lead, be it a voice or any other kind of instrument

  • I can't help but taking into accout who and what will play back my mixes,

  • I can't help but looking for the most interesting stereo image I can achieve with the source tracks.

My experience with mixing for a discographic release, for a TV serie, for a videogame or a cinema release tells me that I need to approach music mixing differently as much as it's important mixing music we know is mainly listened to on headphones or car-audio or dedicated listening rooms. This approach is then finalized by the mastering engineer, but it needs to be addressed as soon as possible in production to achieve the best results.

I do online mixing (send me an email for a quote) with rates, based on the kind of production/mix needed, starting from 200 EUROS /230 USD per song).

I can also edit your project before mixing it, rates are calculated by the hour, starting from 50 EUROS / 60 USD per hour).


I accept payments online via Stripe, Paypal and direct SEPA Bank wire.

Usually, payment terms are: 100% upfront for Online Mixing, 50% upfront and 50% before delivering the final mixes for attended mixes. 

I can travel anywhere in the world to help you shape your music or arrange mixing locally (northern Italy).

For mixing, both online and attended, I currently work mainly out of these 3 facilities:

MY OWN MIXING ROOM: a fully digital solution based on Mac, Logic/Pro Tools/Cubase with hundreds of plugins, some outboard when needed, Amphion and Mission monitors, Merging Anubis DA converters (see my gear list below for details).

RIVERPLANT MUSIC STUDIOS: a fully digital venue located in a beautiful restored plant in Monza (12 km north of Milano).

I sometimes master my own mixes and productions, based on the genre and scope of the project. I usually prefer to rely on a full time Mastering Engineer, like Giovanni Meniak Nebbia at Ithil World Mastering.



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