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Recording, Mixing, Producing & Training
My name is Simone Coen
I am an audio engineer and producer based in Seregno, northern Italy
My life is dedicated to Music, Sound and perfecting the art of creating the Perfect Recording for my Clients 


The crucial art of capturing an artist's soul

I started recording at 13 y.o. and never stopped. I enjoy working with artists, musicians and anyone or anything that can emit a sound wave.


Turning "a bunch of tracks" into Your Track

I am musician, first. I understand music, the artist's goals and desires. My communication is direct, open and I am focused on groove, punch and warmth.


The missing link between great ideas and Great Records

I've been a producer for more than 15 years now. I love coordinating amd motivating artists and musicians. My approach is hands-on and while I love leaving lots of freedom to artists, when needed, though, I readily turn into the steam engine of the session.


Helping a new breed of audio engineers and producers learn, experience and network

Coming from a family of teachers, I enjoy taking some of my working time off to train and tutor fellow colleagues in the fine art of recording, mixing and producing timeless music.

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